Celebrating Britsh Pie Week

I know I am going to have a good day when it starts with “help yourself to tea or coffee whenever you want”. This is the lovely welcome given by Alex the owner at Eat Square. Now At first glance this doesn’t look much like one of my regular wedding blog posts (not that I actually post wedding blogs regularly but you know what I mean) – but please bear with me,  it becomes wedding related I promise.

For most of the Summer I don’t really see my husband – he works all week and I work all weekend so we pass occasionally in the kitchen as one of us is coming or going. This might be why we like to buy presents that involve us spending time together – trips away or a class where we learn something together. This is how we ended up in the kitchen with Alex who was about to teach us how to make his wonderful pies.

Chicken pie

Chicken Pie

Today we would be making a chicken & leek pie, quiche Lorraine, a fruit pudding to take home and pasties  for our lunch.

We started with chopping the onions and leeks and Alex gave us a lesson in knife skills so that we didn’t lose any fingers.  He patiently explained the best way to prepare different types of vegetables which will make cooking at home so much easier. Since joining Slimming World I seem spend most of my life chopping veg – from now on I will do it properly.

Once we had the chicken mix cooking we started making the first of our pastries. It didn’t take long for our competitive sides to show – Andy is much quicker than me at rubbing fat into flour and it turns out I haven’t been holding a rolling pin properly which is why my pastry is always wonky and undulates across the worktop. However I think my pie looked nicer but that may be because a bit of fruit pudding dripped on his!

Summer Fruit Suet Pudding

Summer Fruit Suet Pudding

By now the smell of baking was wonderful and the pasties at lunchtime were fabulous. We even got to try some of Alex’s gluten free steak and ale pie that he had baked for the 2017 British Pie Awards taking place this week.

Pasty freshly made for lunch


Pies cooling on rack while Andy has lunch

Andy samples his handiwork


While our chicken pies and fruit puddings baked in the oven we had another cup of tea and watched Alex as he worked on his competition pies.

Pie making

Competition pies

Making pies

Topping the pies

Alex at work

Alex at work

Once our pies and pudding were cooked it was time to pack up our goodies to take home. Our haul included 4 quiches, two large chicken pies, two rather large fruit puddings and a huge pasty – thankfully we can freeze anything we are too full to eat.

Pies, puddings, pasty

Our day’s bake


The finished bakes and us

Not quite the Great British Bake off but no soggy bottoms!

The quiches have already been devoured – it’s been a long time since I had anything so creamy and it’s fair to say I am not expecting a loss when I get on the scales this week, but it was worth every sinful mouthful.

So what has this got to do with weddings? Well , Alex caters for events and you can have him make pie and mash from  just £10 per head – what a bargain. You can contact Alex  by cicking here

Good luck to Alex at the Pie Awards on Wednesday, I’m sure he’ll do really well. I’m off now to make custard to have with my fruit pudding. Please don’t tell Slimming World……;-)



Quiche Lorraine

Quiche Lorraine


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  1. Alex Joll says:

    Great Photographs and a pleasure to have you and Andy in the Eat Square kitchen. I am glad you enjoyed the day, and your handiwork… those quiches were fantastic (I had 2 after you left 🙂 and all the pies look especially wonderful with your professional photographs!

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